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I wrote this letter for a friend and thought I’d share it with you, since it’s really quite silly but reflects a different way of communicating. I listen to my iPod all of the time, so it influenced my writing, at least for this letter, a lot.  It’s another form of creativity and you’ll see what I mean if you read it.  I have to warn you it’s very long. Oh, and I inherited the iPod from my daughter, so some of the songs aren’t necessarily ones I listen to but they fit nicely into this letter.

Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren),

What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)? It’s A Shame (The Spinners) that you don’t like getting mail, but will you Please Read the Letter (Robert Plant & Alison Krauss) because this one is just For You (Keith Urban)? These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) will sound a bit odd, but that’s because they represent my music, so I hope that’s not a Problem (Ariana Grande) ☺.

After you read this, don’t think I’m Bad (M Jackson)…this is all just Good Clean Fun (Montgomery Gentry)☺ I’m in a Dangerous Mood (Keb Mo) and I Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones), or even How I Got to Be This Way (Justin Moore). Whatever the case, I’m not a Crazy Girl (Eli Young Band). All I Wanna Do (Sheryl Crow) is have some fun…Yeah! (Joe Nichols).

I was thinking it sure would be fun to take a long road trip with you Tomorrow (Chris Young). You can be my Shotgun Rider (Tim McGraw). Do You Know the Way to San Jose (Dionne Warwick)? If not, maybe we can visit El Cerrito Place (Kenny Chesney) or even travel along the Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh) and end Up On Cripple Creek (The Band). That might be a Good Thing (Keith Urban) because there are a lot of casinos up there and we could Get Lucky (Pharrell Williams). I can tell you there Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Diana Ross) to get in the way. I’ve also Got Georgia On My Mind (Chris Young) where they grow those Unbelievable (Diamond Rio) Georgia Peaches (Lauren Alaina) that are so good in pie.

Maybe you’re thinking Do I Have to Go that Far (Kenny Neal)? Aw Naw (Chris Young)! It’ll be like a Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)!  After all, Life is a Highway (Tom Cochrane) and there’s Never Been Any Reason (Head East) for you to doubt me. We can always just let the Compass (Lady Antebellum) lead The Way (Ariana Grande). Who knows, maybe it’ll lead us to some Funkytown (Lipps, Inc.) with a Neon Light (Blake Shelton) or two where we could make some new Honky Tonk Friends (Jason Michael Carroll).

When it comes to road trips You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet (BTO). Are you Lookin for a Good Time (Lady Antebellum) on the road? Let’s crank up the tunes and Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)…Just You n Me (Chicago). We’re gonna kick back and Cruise (Florida Georgia Line) and I’ve got a Good Feeling (Flo Rida) we’ll Live it Up (Lee DeWyze)! After the trip you’ll be asking…when we can Get Together (The Youngbloods) and Do It Again (Steely Dan)? You know It’s So Very Hard to Go (Tower of Power) alone.

All My Friends Say (Luke Bryan) I’m a good driver but they often want me to Slow Me Down (Sara Evans) because I have a Constant Craving (K. D. Lang) for Speed (Montgomery Gentry). I just Can’t Get Enough (Bad Company). Although I Play Chicken With the Train (Cowboy Troy) and sometimes I see Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke), I wouldn’t want to give you a Heart Attack (Trey Songz). Oh please Don’t (Ed Sheeran) worry..have a little Faith (George Michael). You really can Count On Me (Bruno Mars). I promise we won’t get in any Trouble (Jose James). I’ve had a lot of practice driving, so I’m Better Than I Used to Be (Tim McGraw).

You know That Ain’t My Truck (Rhett Atkins) in the driveway, it’s my daughter’s.   I Got a Car (George Strait) but if I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice) it would be easier to get through any Muddy Water (Trace Atkins) we might encounter along the way. Besides, I just ran my vehicle through the Car Wash (Rose Royce) and I don’t want to get any Dirt (Florida Georgia Line) on it. Whatcha Say (Jason Derulo)?

We can Listen to the Music (Doobie Bros) as we Roll On Down the Highway (BTO).  I listen to my ipod Every Morning (Sugar Ray).  You know how music is…It Keeps You Runnin (Doobie Bros).  I’ll make Every Mile a Memory (Dierks Bently).  If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Harold Nelvin/Blue Notes) be aware I like to Play that Funky Music (Wild Cherry) because it makes me Happy (Pharrell Williams). Who knows, I may Sing for You (Angie Johnson) or even Put You In a Song (Keith Urban).

I don’t have Randy Travis but I Do (Jessie James Decker) have Randy Houser and Travis Tritt on my ipod.  You can live in my world for a few hours, if you are Tuff Enuff (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)☺.  If you don’t like that music, we can Turn On the Radio (Reba McEntire). Trust me, it won’t be too Hard to Handle (Rolling Stones).  We can leave at the Break of Dawn (M. Jackson) and before you know it, we’ll be Takin it to the Streets (Doobie Bros). I hope the weather is good, because I Can’t Stand the Rain (The Committments); I prefer Sunny and 75 (Joe Nichols).

Although you usually have a Poker Face (Lady GaGa) you probably Feel (Chicago) a little apprehensive about long road trips, because I know you’re Dying to Live (Johnny Lang), but you’re Not the Only One (Bonnie Raitt). You’ve just gotta be Brave (Sara Bareilles). I promise I won’t be All Over the Road (Easton Corbin). I would like to leave before Sunrise (Norah Jones), so let me know if you need a Wake up Call (Maroon 5). We can Go Down to the River to Pray (Allison Krauss) or even stop by the Little White Church (Little Big Town) first. I know you are the Son of a Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield) but I Say a Little Prayer (Dionne Warwick) before every road trip too, even though I know I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor). After that we can stop for some Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson) if you’re hungry.

I know you typically wear a Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake) because U Got the Look (Prince), but it’s starting to feel like Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood). If you get too Hot Blooded (Rod Stewart), you can always just Take it Off (Joe Nichols). I also suggest you bring a pair of Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top). Although there Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers) in Rochester, there may be on the highway. If that’s the case, We’ll Sing in the Sunshine (Gale Garnett) and experience Some Kind of Wonderful (Grand Funk Railroad) day as we Keep on Truckin (The Road Hammers).

I’m sure you try to Teach Your Children Well (CSN) and be a good example, but sometimes you have to Let It Loose (Rolling Stones).  You see, at first the car might be Shakin (Eddie Money), but after you Get in the Groove (The Mighty Hannibal) your troubles will be Gone (Montgomery Gentry).  I know you also like Takin Care of Business (BTO) and you’re Hard Workin’ Man (Brooks n Dunn), but it’s times like these you may just want to Bang on the Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren). Before you know it, you’ll be Feelin Good (Nina Simons).

I’ll probably Take a Back Road (Rodney Atkins) through a Hicktown (Jason Aldean) or two.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see some Hillbillies (Hot Apple Pie) along the way. I’m not sure how long the trip will take because there is More than One Way Home (Keb Month), so we might be driving Day n Nite (Kid Cudi). I bet there will be Moments (Emerson Drive) when you start thinking…what if I Can’t Find My Way Home (Winwood)? Or…Where Are You Going (Dave Matthews)? Maybe be even…Should I Take the Keys (Leah Turner)? If you just Roll With It (Steve Winwood) everything will be okay. I’m From the Country (Tracy Byrd) and although you are New to This Town (Kix Brooks), I know my way Round Here (Florida Georgia Line).

Don’t (Billy Currington) worry about Stayin Alive (Beegees) and Please Remember (LeAnn Rimes), I will keep you Safe and Sound (Capital Cities) On the Road Again (Canned Heat) and do my best not to Crash (Dave Matthews) or turn the car Upside Down (Jack Johnson). Knock on Wood (Seal) that never happens! The roads are sometimes riddled with pot holes, so there’s a slight chance we could Breakdown (Jack Johnson) and end up on the Night Train (Jason Aldean).

I promise to keep the Radio (Darius Rucker) volume down if it’s too Hard to Handle (Black Crows). I’ll even change the channel if you don’t like the Beat of the Music (Brett Eldredge). That’s All Right (Sugar Blue). I’ll get you Home (Blake Shelton) safely, even though you may be thinking we’re Flirtin with Disaster (Molley Hatchet). Believe (Brooks & Dunn) me, I stop fully at every Red Light (David Nail).   Before you know it, there will be just One More Mile to Go (Sugar Blue) and by then you’ll be Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder) and will feel like a Brand New Man (Brooks n Dunn)! I don’t know about you, but I was Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf). You are probably Wild at Heart (Gloriana) too.

If you think I’m driving too fast, I know you Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (The Temptations) me to slow down. All Right Now (Free), I can Settle for a Slow Down (Dierks Bentley) but for me it’s a Hard Habit to Break (Chicago) as I’m not sure I’ve ever driven a Slow Ride (BTO). Normally, when it comes to driving fast, I Can’t Help Myself (The Four Tops) but I don’t want this trip to be Spooky (Atlanta Rhythm Section) for you☺. Nor do I want you getting nervous every time we pass a Cop Car (Keith Urban).

We would need at least one ground rule…what happens on the highway stays on the highway, because The Highway Don’t Care (Tim McGraw). You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette) I don’t want anyone else to find out What I Got (Sublime) on my ipod or think I Carry On (CSNY) with reckless abandon while driving☺.  Let’s leave that Just Between You and Me (April Wine).

Somehow I feel that when we finally reach our destination, That’s When You Know It’s Over (Lee Brice), you’ll be shouting Yee Haw (J Owen) and I’m picturing you singing Amazing Grace (Willie Nelson). You may also be thinking I’ve Seen Better Days (Whiskey Falls) or even Somebody Bring Me Some Water (Melissa Etheridge).  Mercy, Mercy Me (Stevie Wonder), Don’t Cha Know (Steve Miller Band), everything will be Alright (John Legend)?  If you get frazzled by my driving, Can We Still be Friends (Todd Rundgren)? You’ve been there for me so far, so I Must be Doin Something Right (Billy Currington).

You know I used to be mature and responsible, but All I Want to Do (Sugarland) is Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson) from the rules. Lately I feel like one of those Young Girls (Bruno Mars) but I’m really just an American Woman (The Guess Who)☺. I know My Best Days are Ahead of Me (Danny Gokey). Have I Told You Lately (Van Morrison) that In My Daughter’s Eyes (Martina) I’m Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)? Yes, I’m That Kind of Girl (Patty Loveless) too. That’s the Story of My Life (Sugar Ray).

If you want to Let the Good Times Roll (Ray Charles), Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ (Allman Bros).  I Just Got to Know (Sugar Blue), Would You Go With Me (Josh Turner)?  Please Say Something (A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera) or How Will I know (Keke Palmer)? There’s no time for you to ponder, thinking Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash). I Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) to tell me if you will go. I Wish (Stevie Wonder) you will.

If you say no, then Give Me One Reason (Jr Wells) you can’t, because it would be a Shame (Evelyn King) to have to go Without You (Harry Nilsson). You’re Gonna Make Me Cry (Luther Allison) If I Can’t Have You (Beegees) accompany me. Please don’t make me go All By Myself (Eric Carmen) because it’s a Lonesome Road (Van Morrison). But If That’s the Way You Want It (Brooks n Dunn) I’ll make the Long Trip Alone (Dierks Bentley) and I’ll let you off the Hook (Blues Traveler).

If you are willing to go, then Get Ready (Rare Earth) for some fun☺.  It will be Unforgettable (Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole). Maybe it will give you Something to Talk About (Bonnie Raitt). These are the types of Moments (Emerson Drive) you will be Reminiscing (Little River Band) about for a long time, and when you do I know You’ll Think of Me (Keith Urban). Please, please Don’t Let Me Be Lonely (The Band Perry)…Ride Wit Me (Nelly featuring City Pud).

Remember, No One Else On Earth (Winnona Judd) is being given this opportunity to experience a Little Bit of Life (Craig Morgan) with Nobody But Me (Blake Shelton) on the road. Do you wanna Take a Little Ride (Jason Aldean) and go Somewhere In My Car (Keith Urban)? Sure Would Be Cool If You Did (Blake Shelton) because the drive is Better Together (Jack Johnson). Why don’t you Come Over (Kenny Chesney) and we can get Ready Set Roll (Chase Rice). Come Away With Me (Norah Jones). Let’s start Chasing Pavements (Adele)!

Oh, I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of Super Freak (Rick James) now! I’m really just your average Girl (Destiny’s Child).

Let It Roll (Little Feat)!


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