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If you are a Facebook user, you undoubtedly see all kinds of posts and events flash by as you scroll through your daily feeds. A few weeks ago one of those events caught my eye, best place to buy isotretinoin online uk, and I had the opportunity to participate. The event sponsor, Susan Carmen-Duffy, is a talented artist and teacher. She is also a positive inspiration to many, as she provides opportunities to help others, and to help oneself while cultivating creativity.

For the event, participants assemble the Blessings Bags by placing donated items, such as snacks, socks, and chap stick in them. Each bag is topped off with a colorful note of encouragement and given to a homeless person. They are small gifts that won’t change their lives, but may bring a smile to their faces.

I so admire Susan and every person who takes time to do good deeds for others. If you live in the Rochester, NY region, check out cheap isotretinoin online and how to buy generic isotretinoin page for future events of this nature. If you are not able to be there in person, you may consider donating items. She offers many types of art classes, so be sure to take a look at them as well!

May you have a blessed day!

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