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I wrote about the copper crystal ball necklace I made back in January, and I finally got around to creating a tutorial for it. There are a lot of components, so it will take several hours to complete the necklace but the result will be worth the time invested.

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Tools and Materials

  • Rubber gloves
  • Chasing hammer
  • Anvil
  • Pliers: round nosed; flat nosed
  • Flush cutter
  • Ruler
  • Round mandrels (1/2-inch, 5/8-inch)
  • Liver of sulfur
  • Renaissance Wax
  • 10 4x4mm crystal beads (3 gold, 3clear)
  • 5   4mm natural pearls
  • 2   6x8mm clear crystal beads
  • 8   4mm copper daisy spacer beads
  • 8   3x5mm faceted copper beads
  • 23 6-mm 20-GA copper jump rings
  • 5   6-mm 16-GA copper jump rings
  • Copper wire (18 and 24 gauges)


Copper ball

1. Cut a 48-inch piece of 18-GA wire and make small loops on the ends. Bend entire length of wire back and forth with round nosed pliers in an uneven zigzag pattern. The bends should be approximately 1/8-inch in depth for all wires that form a zigzag pattern.

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2. Start on one end and tightly wrap wire around loop using round nose pliers.

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3. Continue wrapping wire, turning it in different directions to form a ball. Push wires together to make the ball compact and uniform. Once wire is fully wrapped, push loop on the end straight up.

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Zigzag wires

1. Cut the following of 18-GA wire:

  • 3 pieces measuring 2 ½-inches
  • 2 pieces measuring 2-inches
  • 2 pieces measuring 1 ¾-inches
  • 2 pieces measuring 1 ½-inches

2. For each wire, form small loops on the ends and bend wire in zigzag pattern.

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Flattened rings

1. Hammer large jump rings and flatten to 1/8-inch thickness. The ends will separate, so use flat nose pliers to wiggle the ends back together.

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2. Gently hammer again to form dimples with ball end of the hammer, adjusting ends as necessary.

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3. Connect one of the longest pieces zigzag wire to the ball then connect it to flattened ring on other end. Note that all components are connected using 6-mm jump rings.

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4. Connect remaining wires to flattened ring. One of each size should be connected to either side of longest wire in the following order:

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Zigzag wire with beads

1. Cut 6 pieces 18-GA wire measuring 2 1/2-inches. Slide 5 beads onto wire, with crystal in the center, copper spaces on either side, and copper beads on the ends as shown below:

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2. Bend wire at 90-degree angles on either side of the beads and form small loops on ends.  Bend remainder of wire in zigzag pattern.

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3. Finish remaining three wires in the same manner as done in steps 1 and 2.

Zigzag wire with copper balls

1. Cut 2 pieces of 24-GA wire measuring 18-inches. With remaining 2 pieces of zigzag wire, wrap one length of 24-GA wire tightly around the center several times.

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2. Continue wrapping the wire, but loosen it slightly to form a 3/8-inch ball. Tuck end of wire into ball.

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Figure-8 connectors

1. Cut 4 pieces of 18-GA wire measuring 3-inches and create figure-8 connectors. Mark the center of wires and form small loops on ends in opposing directions.

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2. With each wire, place one side on a 1/2-inch mandrel and push around to form a loop that connects just past center of wire. Repeat on the other end going in opposite direction.

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3. Hammer rounded part of figure-8 connectors to flatten and add dimples.

Clasp and closure

1. Cut 3-inch length of 18-GA wire and form small loops that point in the same direction on ends. Form two zigzags on one end, wrap around mandrel to form a circle, then push end straight down.

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2. Cut a 2 ¼-inch length of 18-GA wire and form a small loop on one end. Grasp wire above the loop with round nose pliers and bend wire at a 90 degree angle. Push wire against mandrel to form a circle, then wrap end tightly, just above the loop several times.

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3. Flatten clasp and connector on curved sides then apply dimples with hammer.

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Connect components

1. Create the sides of necklace, connecting components as follows:

  • Beaded wire to flattened ring that is attached to ball and other end to two flattened ring
  • Zigzag with ball to flattened ring
  • Beaded wire to flattened ring
  • Figure-8 to flattened ring
  • Figure-8 to figure-8
  • Clasp to figure-8

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2. Apply a dark patina using liver of sulfur to all components then apply Renaissance Wax, following manufacturer’s instructions.

Completed necklace

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I hope you have an opportunity to give this design a try. It can be worn with a casual outfit or evening attire. It can also make a statement at your next New Year’s Eve celebration!

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