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For this tutorial, I decided to make the same design I wrote about in the best place to buy isotretinoin online uk blog but I used steel wire instead of copper. It took me about two hours to complete the necklace…

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For this piece you’ll need dark, annealed steel wire in 19 and 24 gauges. You can find it at most local hardware stores. You will also need a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

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The steel has a dark coating that easily rubs off, so it can be quite a messy process. You may want to wear rubber gloves, but I found it easier to work without them. As you work with each piece of wire, clean it with the alcohol and a paper towel. Try to remove as much of the loose coating as possible.

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For the center of the largest heart, you can add a small (4mm or 6mm) red glass bead. I used a heart shaped bead, but you can use whatever you have on hand. You may also want to add a tiny (1mm or 2mm) antique silver crystal bead to add a touch of sparkle.

Here are the steps for making and assembling the hearts:

Withered Heart

Step 1a

Cut a 4” piece of 19-GA wire and make a small loop on each end of the wire.

Step 1b

Using round nose pliers, bend the full length the wire back and forth. The bends don’t have to be uniform.

Step 1c

Shape the wire into an irregular heart.

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Recovering Heart

Step 2a

Cut a 9” piece of 19-GA wire and bend it in the middle. Use flat nose pliers to squeeze the bend so the wires are almost touching one another.

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Step 2b

With the round nose pliers, make a slight bend in the middle of the wire, then wrap 2/3 of it around a mandrel. The diameter of the mandrel should be about 5/8”. You can use a dowel or large marker if necessary.

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Step 2c

While the wire is on the mandrel, push the middle part gently with your thumb to curve the sides slightly inward. Remove the wire from the mandrel and gently open it, flattening the wire.

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Step 2d

Bring the wires together about 1 ½” below the arches of the heart and twist them a few times.

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Step 2e

Create large spirals with the tails. They can face whichever direction you prefer.

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Step 2f

Using a chasing hammer, flatten the arches of the heart on an anvil then tap the spirals several times to strengthen them.

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Step 2g

Using fine grit sandpaper, gently rub the entire heart form until it starts to shine. Leave some areas slightly dark then rub it with fine steel wool.

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Step 2h

Clean the heart with alcohol, being sure to remove any tiny bits of the steel wool that may be stuck inside the heart.

Healthy Heart

Step 3a

Cut a 10” piece of 19-GA wire and follows steps 2a through 2c.

Step 3b

Cut a 48” piece of 24-GA wire and make a small spiral on one end.

Step 3c

Bring the wires of the heart together about 2” below the arches of the heart and place the spiral in the middle.

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Step 3d

Wrap the 24-GA wire around the two wires several times until they are secured.

Step 3e

Draw the 24-GA wire up to one of the arches, leaving a small amount of slack. Wrap the wire around the heart once, pressing it close to the form and pulling gently to tighten it.

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Step 3f

Push the wire that crosses the heart slightly out so it puffs out.

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Draw the wire down from the arch and cross it over to toward the bottom of the opposite side of the heart. Wrap it around the heart form as you did in step 3e and push it slightly out too.

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Step 3g

Continue drawing the wire across the heart, moving in different directions as you go and wrapping it around the form until you have about 2” of wire left. Straighten any wires with flat nose pliers if they get bent as you work.

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Step 3h

Draw the remaining wire down to where you initially wrapped it on the heart and wrap it several times around. Leave about 1” and make a spiral with that length of wire. Push the spiral to the opposite side so there is one on each side.

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Step 3i

Cut ½” off one of the tails of the 19-GA wire and create an open spiral as shown below, then create a spiral with the other tail, leaving it slightly longer.

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Step 3j

Cut a 1 1/4” piece of 24-GA wire and make a small spiral on the end then slide a ¼” red glass heart onto it, followed by a 1mm antique silver crystal.

Step 3k

Cut the wire so ¼” remains, then form a small loop but don’t fully close it.

Step 3l

Gently slide the glass heart into the center of the Healthy Heart and hook it onto the middle of the 19-GA wire form then close the loop of the 24-GA wire. This is a little tricky, so take your time. If it’s difficult to insert the heart, push the wires of the Healthy Heart slightly outward to make some room.

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Step 3m

Using fine grit sandpaper, gently rub the entire heart form and a shine will begin to appear. Once all sides have been rubbed, repeat the process using fine steel wool.

Step 3n

Clean the heart with alcohol, being sure to remove any tiny bits of the steel wool that may be stuck inside the heart.

Securing Hearts

Step 4a

Cut an 8” piece of 24-GA wire, make a small spiral on one end and place it on top of the Withered Heart just above the two loops at the ends of the wire. Wrap the 24-GA wire around the heart twice.

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Step 4b

Place the Recovering Heart on top of the Withered Heart, positioning the Withered Heart at a slight angle then wrap the 24-GA wire around it twice.

Step 4c

Repeat step 4b, placing the Healthy Heart on top. Wrap the 24-GA wire around all three hearts several times until they are secured.

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Step 4d

Cut the 24-GA wire, leaving a 1” tail and form a spiral with it and press it against the hearts.

Completing Necklace

Apply either a wax finish or an acrylic spray to the steel wire and let it dry. This will protect it from the elements.

You can now attach the Healthy Heart to a chain or leather cord to complete the necklace. I used a chain for the copper heart, but decided to use thick black leather cord for the steel heart. I hand forged the clasps using 19-GA wire and attached them to the leather using 24-GA hand-made connectors.

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This was a long blog, but I hope it was helpful. If you give this design a try, please send me a picture if you can…I would love to see it!

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