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I can’t imagine that any one of us will go through life without suffering a devastating loss at some point, the kind that turns you inside out and practically makes your heart stop beating. Having lost my mother at a young age, and going through several other heartbreaking events, I know it can feel impossible to pull yourself up every day to keep going and move forward. Over time the pain and numbness starts to subside, but for some the heart never fully heals.

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Heartbreaks are the inspiration for my latest creation…Healing Hearts. I believe we all have a purpose in life, possibly more than one. Making jewelry seems to be mine. I’m particularly fond of hearts as a design element:

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Adding something with personal sentiment to a jewelry design can enable the wearer to feel connected to a loved one, or special person in their life. Hearts in particular are symbolic of love, affection and emotion. The heart symbol dates back many centuries in its origin, so it definitely has powerful meaning. This necklace I made for a friend to reflect the love she has for her son:

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For the past several years, I’ve been continually seeing visions of hearts. In fact, my daughters make fun of me because I even see them in my food. Of course I have to take pictures to prove it to them!

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My Healing Hearts piece depicts a heart that was able to withstand a crushing, almost devastating, event in one’s life. The crumpled black heart represents the effect of the initial pain; that time when we crawl through the darkness and our heart barely beats. Gradually, it begins to heal and gets stronger, as the middle heart reflects. Eventually it becomes a vibrant, beating and healthy heart; one that is full of hope and desire to take on life again.

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We can’t always prevent bad things from happening to us, but we can certainly heal from them. They say everything in life happens for a reason and if you look back at the tapestry of your life, you’ll see how it all unfolds in the way it’s meant to be. I anticipate mine will have many threads of different colors woven through it that form a bright rainbow. What will yours look like?

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5 Responses to Healing Hearts

  1. Melanie Ernst says:

    You are an amazing writer and deep thinker in addition to being a fabulous jewelry creator! I enjoyed your positive uplifting thoughts on Healing Hearts just as much as the beautiful pieces you’ve made!!

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful article Lynne and love the heart jewels too!!

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