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Do you remember that tie I used in the best place to buy isotretinoin online uk tutorial? Well, I used it in a bangle bracelet as well…take a look:

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Who knew you could do so much with one tie? I still have half of the tie left for other projects.

Fortunately, this is a fairly easy design that you can tailor many different ways. Here are the basics of what you’ll need to know to make one of these bangles.

Step 1:

Determine what colors and materials you want to use. If using ties or other fabrics, cut them into strips, approximately 1/2 inch wide and 2 to 3 inches in length. Aside from ties, you can use an assortment of ribbon, yarn, and just about any other type of fabric that doesn’t have a lot of bulk.  I like to vary the colors and textures of the materials used.  For this tutorial, I used ribbon, including a beautiful green velvet ribbon:

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Step 2:

Form the base of the bangle bracelet using 16 gauge galvanized steel.  It’s sturdy and takes shape easily.  Yes, I purchased it from the hardware store.

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As you can see, I worked directly from the spool.  You can clean the wire as you go by wiping it with some alcohol.  However, since the wire will be wrapped entirely by fabric, this is not necessary.

Wrap the wire around a bracelet mandrel two times, overlapping the ends and leaving a 1 inch tail on either side. If you don’t have a bracelet mandrel, you can do this freeform. The diameter should be wide enough for you to comfortably slip your hand through. It should also be slightly larger than the desired size, since the fabric and wire will add bulk, making it smaller. Slip the wire over your wrist and adjust it, as needed, until you’re comfortable with the size. The base of the bracelet in this tutorial is 7 1/2 inches in circumference.

Cut the end with wire cutters suitable for 16 gauge wire. I use a memory wire cutter, since it’s strong enough for this wire and leaves a clean finish.

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At this point, you may wish to hammer the ends of the wire flat. Wrap the tails around the base wires and tuck the ends in as best as you can. You’ll need to use pliers for this step.

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Step 3:

Select one of the fabrics to cover the entire base with. It may require over two feet of fabric for this step. You can use multiple pieces if you don’t have a single length to complete this step with. Wrap the fabric around the wire base, overlapping it tightly as you go. Secure the end by wrapping 24 gauge steel around it several times.  I recommend forming small spirals on the ends of this wire to prevent it from poking the wearer.

You should try the bangle on to check the size at this point. If necessary, push it down on the mandrel to widen it. If you don’t have a mandrel, gently pull the sides out, being careful to not alter the form.

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Step 4:

You can optionally add beads to the wire.  I used small pink glass seed beads for this bracelet:

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Step 5:

Once the base is in place, add small amounts of other fabrics, securing them with steel wire as you go. Randomly wrap additional wire around the bangle, going in different directions, wrapping more in some areas and less in others. Add beads and even different types of wire, if desired. The beads should be placed on the outside of the bracelet.

I included twisted wire for additional texture. I also formed a few bends in some portions of the wire using pliers. The resulting bracelet will vary in thickness, which is the intent.

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For Valentines Day, I made a few of these bracelets using various types of red ribbon. I even formed a  small heart on one of them:

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There are limitless combinations of colors and textures you can use for this design. Make a few and wear them stacked together.

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If you try this design, I’m sure you’ll want to make more than one.

That’s a wrap…for now.



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