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I enjoy working with copper because it can be changed in so many ways, including the color of it. Over time copper will develop a beautiful, natural patina known as verdigris. When making jewelry there isn’t the time to wait for Mother Nature to do this. Luckily you don’t have to. There are several techniques for applying patinas to copper.

One of the fastest methods is to apply heat from a torch.  I use a butane micro torch because it’s relatively safe and just the right size for this type of use.  You can purchase one from the hardware store (along with your wire) or a jewelry supply store. You’ll want to purchase a heat safe board and a can of butane to get started. Follow all of the manufacturer’s safety precautions when working with torches and chemicals. Be sure to tie your hair back and wear goggles to protect your eyes. Properly ventilate the room you work in and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

When heated, copper turns various colors, including gold, orange, pink, purple, dark blue and finally light blue.  It’s fascinating to watch the metal as it changes color, but it can be a challenge to get the colors you desire. The copper must be cleaned properly prior to heating or it can turn brown. If this occurs, use sand paper to clean the copper and start again.

Do not hold the torch directly on the copper, but rather move it slowly over the copper, allowing only the tip of the flame to touch it. It may take few seconds for the metal to get hot, but once it does the copper quickly starts to change color. You can keep the flame a slight distance from the copper and the heat should be sufficient for the copper to turn color. Notice how the copper will continue to change color after you remove the torch.

Let the metal cool sufficiently before touching it. The copper will be soft once heated, so you may want to tap it with a rubber mallet to work harden it again.

I often use wax to add a protective coating to the copper. Some claim it removes the color, but I haven’t had this happen. I’ve also left many pieces uncoated and the color has held up after years of use.

Here’s a simple copper bangle that shows some of the color that can be achieved:

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You’ll want to practice coloring copper in this manner to get a sense of the time it takes to change color. Thicker wire takes longer, so I recommend practicing with 14 gauge if you have it available. Here’s a piece of 14 gauge copper I experimented with:

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Most of the time I apply this patina after I shape/form the copper. If stringing beads on it, you should apply the patina first. Don’t forget to color some jump rings so they’re ready for use when connecting your jewelry components.

Oh the beautiful things you can make with a few items from the hardware store!

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