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I’ve been working on configuring this blog for a few weeks and the time has come for me to start blogging.  I’ll work on adjusting the format going forward, but the basics seem to be in place, so here we go!

You may be wondering what this blog will be about; the main focus will be sharing tips, techniques and other information about making jewelry.  I mostly work with steel, copper and brass wire but also enjoy polymer clay and other mediums.  I enjoy working with common forms of wire.  They are accessible, economical and can produce designs that are as beautiful as those made with precious metals like silver and gold.  I’ve also started experimenting with sheet metal, which allows me to put the disc cutter and doming block to use…finally!  Creativity is in my bones and I plan to share some of my other artistic endeavors with you as well.

For over twenty years, I’ve been making custom jewelry and have learned a lot along the way that I’d like to share with you.  As a self-taught artist, “How to” books and magazines provided me with the basics.  Over the years my techniques have improved and my style has evolved.  I appreciate simplistic jewelry, but prefer to make pieces that are more intricate and personalized.

This initial blog celebrates the people and things that inspire me.  We all know inspiration can be found anywhere.  One of the most inspiring things to me is having someone tell me I inspire them.  When I hear this I think, ”Wow, are you talking about me?”  It can be a humbling experience but there’s no better compliment or motivator.

I find jewelry inspiration by reading other blogs and seeing the work of so many talented artists on sites like isotretinoin purchase uk and best place to buy isotretinoin online uk.  My major source of inspiration, however, comes from my daughters, Ali and Leah.  Although their tastes are very different than mine, I enjoy getting their input on my designs.  They are my biggest supporters and provide me with excellent advice.

The Flower City (aka Rochester, NY) is where I live and there is a sizeable art community here.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach several jewelry classes here over the years.  I also assist with art classes at Gilda’s Club, an organization that provides social and emotional support to cancer patients and their families.  Class participants inspire me because they always put a unique spin on the designs and many times this happens by accident.  The staff at Gilda’s Club also inspires me.  Annette, the Program Manager/Art Coordinator, also makes jewelry and knows how to be creative on a limited budget.  For those of you who are looking for volunteer opportunities, I highly recommend cheap isotretinoin online.  They have many ways for individuals to assist with events and you get to meet a lot of wonderful people as well.

Color, nature, music (preferably loud), words and rainbows all inspire me.  With the right colors, even the most basic design can look incredible.  Delicate flowers, majestic trees, frogs swimming in the pool, rocks and stones, especially the semi-precious kind, are some of the endless natural triggers for fresh ideas.  I am always energized by music.  If you crank it up loudly enough you can actually feel the rhythm flowing through your body.  I love words; how can “hope”, “soar”, “glisten”, “whisper”, “illuminate”, “elegance”, “serendipity” and “zephyr” not inspire you?  Rainbows have been appearing in my life constantly for the past several years, almost as if by command at times.  I can’t think of a better symbol to ignite inspiration in all of us.

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As I wrap up this first post, I want to thank some of the very special people who have inspired me.  Ali and Leah, you are my angels and I am simply blessed to have such incredible daughters.  Paula, I am fascinated by how you can transform an old piece of wooden furniture into a beautiful heirloom.  Sue and Tom, your positive words help keep me centered.  Jeff, I’m amazed by your memory.  Rhonda, your perseverance has always impressed me.  Beth and Melanie, spending time with you exercising or just sipping tea is invigorating.  Lauren, you are a rock to so many people and are always there for me too. Ray, what can I say?  You’ve opened my eyes to so much in the world and your encouragement has helped me believe in my abilities.

So, who or what inspires you?

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4 Responses to Inspiration – Here We Go!

  1. Melanie Ernst says:

    Congrats on your new venture! You are an inspiration to others with your talent and creativity, but more than that with your motivation to fulfill your dreams! It isn’t easy taking risks in life and your strength inspires me!

  2. Annette Leutung says:

    WOW!!! I love the new blog. Congratulations. It all looks so beautiful, just like you!

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